Dog Safari is an adventure walk for small groups of similar-sized four legged friends. Each Safari is led by an experienced, vet recommended, professional dog walker. As well as giving them a way to release their energy and frustrations, group walking stimulates the minds of dogs. They are usually more content after being able to interact and 'talk' with other dogs in their own language

Safari members are taken in groups to a location that have been selected with a view to stimulation of the senses and safety. On Safari they can interact with other dogs, sniff about, dig, explore, play chasings, run for balls and basically have dog fun in the company of four legged friends.

Your dog will be picked up from and returned to your home during the day; if you provide keys you don't even have to be there.

Your dog will come home a little tired, but content and relaxed, ready to enjoy some quality time with you.

As a service to regular clients only, Dog Safari will call in to walk/feed daily whilst you're away.

Does your dog chew himself, dig up your garden or bark constantly?

Separation anxiety can cause destructive behaviour. Make a regular booking - your dog will become less anxious and more confident.

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